R Freedoms Mission is to Secure Your Future, bring more Value to your life, and be Significant in Your Community through R Freedoms Nonprofit System.




Mark Sammis
Founder & Chairman

Mr. Sammis is the driving force behind R Freedoms powered by R Solution LLC. He has over 10 years experience in owning and managing a commercial real estate firm with 15 full time employees. He has 6 years experience in owning and managing a high level placement agency for executive talent. He was the VP of Revenue for one of the largest Appraisal companies in the country.

Mr. Sammis has clearly been acknowledged as a top network marketer with over 20 years experience, he is a recognized national speaker and trainer in network marketing. Throughout his successful career he has been extremely adept at identifying and recruiting talented individuals. Mr. Sammis oversees the management of the entire Company. He is the visionary who motivates the management team to excellence in every endeavor. He sells the Company to the public and is invaluable in building a strong organization of sales associates.




Karen McHale
VP of Marketing

Karen McHale, an angel investor, and consultant driven by a passion for supporting others in need. Her life's mission revolves around championing causes for animals, kids, veterans, the homeless, as well as fostering growth in helping entrepreneurs build their business to be profitable long term. Karen is a proactive and compassionate individual who thrives in dynamic and engaging environments. Karen brings integrated strategic thinking and visionary spirit to business development. Karen loves Broadway musicals, Disney movies, construction, black ops thrillers, baking and hockey.




Micah Buse
Chief Technology Officer

A native to Louisville KY, Micah's entrepreneurial story includes several successful start-up tech companies and even designing high tech, niche market surveillance systems for the government. Micah's last venture, "JIC Nation / Jewelry In Candles", was a multi-million dollar Louisville based company that since opening, manufactured, sold and shipped millions of products nationwide, provided at-home business opportunities to hundreds of thousands of distributors, was voted the #1 direct sales company in the USA and quickly became a household name! Micah contributes this success partially to his highly customized ecommerce platform, built in-house and automating most of the business processes and user interactions.

Micah has appeared on numerous episodes of the Louisville TV show "Dream Funders" offering investment & partner opportunities for Louisville business owners. He’s described as a corporate athlete, a non-traditional executive, and was voted top 10 "direct sales" CEO's worldwide. His passion for chess makes him a creative yet sharp, forward thinker, with an on-the-fly ability to formulate strategies, and he commands a private agency to execute them. Micah is seasoned at developing new products, product launches, sales processes, customer experiences, and marketing strategies. He loves data and quantifying the results of his efforts.




Beau Weidman
VP of Real Estate Development

Mr. Weidman has extensive experience in the Real Estate Industry including Property Development, Property Management, and Sales in both Residential and Commercial. He founded his own company expanding it to 4 branches with 150 Associates. Mr. Weidman became one of the Nations Highest Designated Real Estate Brokers earning 13 Credentials including CCIM (Highest Commercial Designation); CRB (Highest Designation for Brokerage Managers); CRS (Highest Residential Designation); and CSP (Highest Sales Designation for New Construction).

Mr. Weidman was the President of the Clark County Association of Realtors and also served as President of the local Multiple Listing Service helping organize the merger with the Regional MLS now known as RMLS. He was a National Speaker Honored with, “Recruiter of the Year” for the Acquisition of 450 Licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Mr. Weidman also achieved Chairman’s Club and Life Time Achievement with over $3 Million in earnings with RE/MAX.

Mr. Weidman has extensive experience of success building teams in Network Marketing with Rexall, ACN, and assisting the development of Real Estate Brokerages on the Networking Principal.




Sean Shaffer
VP of Sales

Sean has over 20 years in recruiting in different industries. He has a git for listening and finding a good fit according to what a person is looking for and not just forcing things. He understands the value of residual income especially when obtained through a service related company. We look forward to his efforts in helping us become a household name.




Bill Schall
National Sales Manager

I have experience in many different businesses and business models. I currently have a Real Estate Appraisal company that works with many different Lenders and Clients. I have been in the Real Estate Industry since 1996 as a Broker and since 1999 as an Appraiser.

I have recently expanded into the Business and Consumer Services space offering clients a wide array of services that save the client money on the services they currently utilize.

I understand the unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes and industries, and we are committed to helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. I pride myself on my dedication to customer satisfaction and building long-lasting partnerships. Trust us to be your preferred partner, driving your business growth and success.

When RFreedoms offered me a position with them to help in building a company that serves clients, I jumped at the opportunity. We are going to make R Freedoms the company that takes care of our clients needs, both Business and Consumer Clients. We will help Businesses with the services they need to save, grow, and prosper. We will provide Consumers with the services they need as the best possible value.




Brian Hill
Personal Connector

As the Vice President and Personal Connector Specialist at R Freedoms, they blend state-of-the-art technology with the essence of human connection. Brian's expertise in using the A.I. Nowsite, Marketing, and MeetN Platforms significantly enhances community engagement and fosters a sense of belonging.

With M.S in Educational Psychology, B.S. In education, Brian's background in technology and community involvement is well-suited to provide members with innovative tools while nurturing a supportive network. Married for 47 years (77) and over two decades of experience in online digital platforms, Brian has a history of teaching and counseling at the collegiate level; his career is a testament to his commitment to giving, listening, loving, and serving others through education and digital innovations.

His wealth of experience benefits the team and the community, enabling him to make a significant impact. Brian's professional achievements, showcased through their Vimeo and LinkedIn profiles, offer insights into their career journey and professional ethos. The role at R Freedoms is focused on empowering entrepreneurs and business owners by creating meaningful connections and providing them with the necessary tools for success, deepening relationships through personal interactions that last.

Brian's unwavering dedication to fostering a nurturing environment, aiding others in technology, and helping them realize their potential is at the heart of his work, making him a dedicated partner in the growth and achievements of R Freedoms' members.