R Freedoms Non-Profit System

The R Freedoms Nonprofit System provides substantial fundraising with zero cost to the Nonprofit Organization utilizing the R Freedoms Connector Pledge. Nonprofits benefit from future real estate transactions through today's relationships.


Guide to Success

R Freedoms offers this simple, easy to follow System to help guide you through the phases of the R Freedoms System that are essential to effectively implementing the program to raise money for your organization.

Program Coordinator

R Freedoms assists you in selecting your Program Coordinator from your list of most enthusiastic volunteers. We provide advice on fundraising, training and support for your Program Coordinator. We also provide campaign materials including sample donor letters and newsletters, the R Freedoms Connector Pledge, assistance in presentations, ongoing communication by newsletter to donors and nationwide nonprofit and donor support.

How and Why the R Freedoms System Works

Nonprofits benefit from income now and in the future from the revenue of 15% Pledge on the Listing side and another 15% on the purchase side. One out of every 10 homeowners that the nonprofit involves will likely sell in the next year. Our program is analogous to a Planned Gift, in that the homeowner agrees to use an R Freedoms Realty Advisor when they sell their home - now, this year, or in the years to come - and the Pledge is distributed per the donor's instructions.

Homeowners develop a relationship with a real estate advisor today. Regular communication through mail or e-mail will let the homeowner know they're only a phone call or email away if they have any realty needs. The agent now becomes an advisor to what may be the homeowner's largest financial investment. This advisor is someone they know and trust when they eventually decide to sell their home. Yearly Homeowner's Annual Report provided by an advisor to inform homeowners about what's going on in their community.

Successful Fundraising Campaign

We provide information about the suggested Best Practices for launching a successful fundraising program using the R Freedoms System. For each Best Practice, we provide descriptions, timing, audience selection, theme or message and some examples.

Telling the story involves more than making the case in a funding proposal or during a visit. The nonprofit must take advantage of every opportunity to enhance the publicity of the particular program. There's a saying among professional fund-raisers: "You can have publicity without fundraising, but you can't have fundraising without publicity."

Adoption, Acceptance, and Membership Participation

The immediate focus is on those supporters considering the sale of their current home and purchase of their next home over the next 12 months. Developing this group quickly into donors willing to give the Connector Pledge discounts to the nonprofit provides first year tangible dollars for the nonprofit and further leads to program substantiation. Testimonials are used for further promotion or are integrated into the flier Overview of Program and distributed from supporters espousing the merits of the program.

Measuring Success

In a monthly newsletter or bulletin, the Nonprofit may want to develop a simple table that demonstrates the progress being made with the R Freedoms System. Number of Connector Pledges generated. Number of Connector Pledges that have resulted in actual discount amounts. Total dollar value, program-to-date, allocated to Nonprofit. Total dollar value, this month, allocated to Nonprofit.